TV Channels As a Source of Entertainment

 06 Oct, 2016|  0Comments
 by Christena

Television has become a part of our family life and most of the people sit [...]

Actors , Actress Latest Gossip , news, dramas and movies

 06 Oct, 2016|  1Comments
 by Christena

Hi i am creating new blog related actors and actress of bollywood [...]

Corporate Studios & Bollywood - Is the Courtship Over?

 17 Sep, 2016|  0Comments
 by Ravi Singhal

2007 was the year when the first Bollywood film made by a Hollywood Studio [...]

Trendspotting in Bollywood

 03 Jul, 2016|  0Comments
 by Chetan Savarkar
What suddenly happened to Bollywood? Idyllic Switzerland has been replaced with [...]

Beauty in Diversity

 13 May, 2016|  0Comments
 by Sunita

People come in all shapes and sizes. They come with different [...]

Hollywood Wants Deepika and Priyanka NOT Hrithik or Salman

 01 Mar, 2016|  0Comments
 by P Sinha

Hollywood has captured most of the world markets it can. China is [...]

Goodbye TV Soaps, Hello Web Series

 06 Feb, 2016|  0Comments
 by Mamta

I am a young, yuppie, Hinglish- speaking, urban professional. I enjoy [...]

Animation in India– a disillusioned illusion

 06 Dec, 2015|  0Comments
 by Mamta

The Indian animation industry has surely come a long way since its first fully animated production [...]

Talent sourcing in Films and TV

 30 Sep, 2015|  0Comments
 by P Sinha

Most of us, at some point have dreamt of a Bollywood star’s life. But [...]

What does Indian Audience want

 19 Sep, 2015|  0Comments
 by Sunita

It is hard to understand the Indian psyche which seems to be as fickle as [...]

Changing Landscape of Playback Singing

 23 Aug, 2015|  0Comments
 by P Sinha

In 1931, Alam Ara, the first talkie film in India was released [...]