Goodbye TV Soaps, Hello Web Series

by Mamta

 Posted on 06-Feb-2016 12:38 AM

I am a young, yuppie, Hinglish- speaking, urban professional. I enjoy family events and traditional celebrations as much as I like hanging out with my hubby and friends at a bar after work. I’m usually found donning westerns and casual Indo-westerns. Don’t get me wrong –I love my ethnic couture and the paraphernalia that goes with it. But I am not at ease in them when running errands or when sleeping, as seen on TV (read serials). And I have my darling mom-in-law’s approval too despite our usual saas-bahu disagreements.

Putting it plainly, I am a far cry from the picture of the ‘modern Indian woman ‘our television’s unending sagas paint every day. A few of our ‘concerned’ relatives had sympathetically suggested to me and my husband that we try replacing our ‘unconventional’ modes of entertainment with the ubiquitous TV serials.

We took their ‘genuine’ concern to heart for a while and experimented with daily soaps… And we decided never to switch the entertainment channels on again. However, we did need some down-time to unwind at home. Things looked bleak till we discovered TVF Pitchers on YouTube. We were hooked on to the web series. It pervaded our after-work lives like a breath of fresh air. Intelligent content coupled with issues relevant to people like us instantly drew our attention and appreciation. The characters thought like us and even spoke like us.

Many more like Baked, Permanent Roommates, Man’s world and Bang Baaja Baraat followed. We were binge-watching. After all, we had the liberty to watch them at our convenience. These are web series –available online. So we just had to tune in whenever we wanted. Now that’s entertainment –filling up our free slots with quality entertainment, at our convenience and without any interruptions by pesky commercials or soppy promos.

I would rather embrace contemporary storylines with original content and relatable characters than dance to the tunes of a Naagin in the 21st century. The direction of web series is slick, there is no room for unexplainable coincidences and the camerawork is as good as it can get. Never mind the emoting bit. Not all actors are perfect but they are acceptable. At least, most of them are not hamming their a***s off!! I identify more with a disheveled Tanya of Permanent Roommates than any saree-clad leading lady on TV buried under layers of cakey make-up.  

And guess what? The web series are finite!! They have reintroduced to us, the fact that every good thing must come to an end …without legal hassles! And saving the best for the last – most of them are 100% desi – MADE IN INDIA (proudly reading out loud). I excitedly look forward to the new seasons of my innumerable web favorites and I know that I will not be disappointed.

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