Ki & Ka

by P Sinha

 Posted on 02-Apr-2016 01:16 AM

In Ki and Ka, R. Balki has taken a sensitive and thought provoking topic and turned it on its head, making the film not just convoluted but also illogical and annoying. He has made assumptions which are not just untrue but also impractical.

There’s Kabir (the Ka, Arjun Kapoor), scion of a rich real estate Mogul in Delhi who does not want to follow in his father’s footstep. Nothing strange about that, many people want to tread their own path. The strange part is that Kabir wants to tread no path, he simply does not want to work because work produces stress and because stress kills, the solution is to not work at all. Any man, according to Kabir, who is not sitting at home is a lesser being, a robot. Why couldn’t Kabir be a commoner whose passion is cooking and keeping house? And because a Hindi film hero has to be extraordinary, he is also an IIM topper to boot. And to prove he is man enough, he can also beat up a few bad guys single handedly.

There’s Kia (the Ki, Kareena Kapoor) who wears her single status on her sleeves, so much so that she stops the music at a marriage party to loudly proclaim what a big mistake the bride is making by getting married because she will have a subjugated role as a wife throughout her life. Talk about not respecting personal choices and preferences and pushing one’s agenda on the unsuspecting. She believes, to become a CEO, she cannot have the baggage of marriage and children. Well, statistics prove this assumption wrong, most women CEO are married and have children too.

Ki and Ka get married, Ki chasing her professional dream and Ka looking after home and hearth. The film even has contrived situations to mimic traditional roles where the wife cooks and waits while the busy spouse has no time to value and appreciate their other half. Trouble brews in the marriage when Kabir starts getting popular for his choices and his thoughts on being the househusband. Kia gets jealous of his success. Some may say this is akin to the situation in Amitabh-Jaya starrer “Abhimaan” where jealousy creeps in because the wife overtakes the husband in popularity as a singer. However, there’s a crucial difference, Kabir is successful in his space which is very different from what Kia is doing. Both are following their individual passions which are separate from each other. If she is still jealous, that means she doesn’t want to see him successful at all, whether in corporate world or outside. Which husband would want to remain married to such a wife is anybody’s guess.

The characterization is extreme. Kia almost comes across as a misandrist, treating Kabir like dirt. Kabir ends up looking like a momma’s boy who is searching for a mother in Kia and who would do anything to keep mommy happy. Focus is on using dialogues to shock or look cool. So when Kia tells her mom about Kabir’s marriage proposal, her reaction is to ask if she has had sex with him to make sure he is good in bed, or something to that effect. Not sure how many mothers will really say this to their daughter, that too in front of the man she is supposed to marry.

With a contemporary topic like this, Balki could have told a meaningful story. Instead we have a wanna-be-cool muddle of a movie.


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Rating : 1/5

Starring: Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor

Director: R. Balki

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