1920 London

by P Sinha

 Posted on 07-May-2016 01:28 AM

The Third film in the 1920 series, 1920 London is supposedly a horror film written by Vikram Bhatt and directed by Tinu Suresh Desai. The story is about a Rajasthani princess, Shivangi (Meera Chopra) who apparently dumps a commoner lover, Jai (Sharman Joshi) to marry a prince, Kunwar Veer Singh (Vishal Karwal). She is happily living in London when the prince is suddenly possessed by a spirit. Shivangi goes to India to find a healer who can exorcise the spirit. She comes to know that only a certain Mewar Baba is strong enough to fight the spirit. Mewar Baba is none other than Jai. Though Jai is still hurting because of Shivangi’s betrayal years ago, he agrees to help her for money. He accompanies her to London and how he gets Veer out of the spirit’s clutch forms rest of the story.

Horror genre has a relatively loyal following. However, the key to this or any genre that deals in metaphysics is to make the viewer buy into the story. Vikram Bhatt has failed to write a story which adult audience can digest. It is more suited to the fantasy a third or fourth grader would love to spin. So we have Jai, who has extra sensory powers to understand spirits and who can tame them with some mantra and gangajal. Where one can be safe from a spirit by not letting a nariyal out of one’s hand or incessantly chanting a mantra. Where a nimbu can tell where the ghost came from. There’s no background as to why these remedies make sense. Why can’t we do something like Inception where a fantastic story of realms of existence parallel to each other is so beautifully explained, it feels like an alternate reality? 1920 London reminds of the many TV serials on black magic and sometimes even of the many Ramsay Brothers movies in the 80s, and not in a good way.

As far as acting goes, Sharman Joshi does a decent job. Meera Chopra still has a long way to go. Vishal Karwal has limited screen time, which is not a bad thing. Music is average.

1920 London is supposedly a horror film. All I could find was romance and revenge drama. If horror means characters laughing like Betaal in “Vikram Aur Betaal” TV series of yore, sorry we are not scared. Maybe, that was the reason why Meera Chopra had a bored expression even in scenes where she was supposed to be mortally afraid?


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Rating : 1/5

Starring: Sharman Joshi, Meera Chopra, Vishal Karwal, Sagar Saikia

Director: Tinu Suresh Desai

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