A Flying Jatt

by P Sinha

 Posted on 26-Aug-2016 03:53 PM

A Flying Jatt starts off pretty well, even if borrowing heavily from Hollywood superhero flicks and the unforgettable Jim Carrey flick “The Mask”. Aman (Tiger Shroff) is a passive individual till he happens to attain superhero powers passed onto him from a tree! There’s a villain Raaka (Nathan Jones) propped up by a wily businessman Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon) who wants to chop down this tree to build a bridge.

So far so good, but then the director decides to turn to comedy. So while I am waiting for action to start, the superhero is busy trying to be funny. He is getting chased by dogs, trying to help people who don’t want his help, buying lauki, etc. almost till interval. Now its action time, right? No, the superhero has to tend to matters of the heart. He has to win the damsel’s hand, you see. To add a flair of mysterious confusion, the lady doesn’t know it is her boyfriend who is the domino-masked superhero.

A flying Jatt

By Balaji Motion Pictures,

Finally with the comedy track and matters of the heart out of the way, I relax to watch some true action. Lo and behold, the film takes another, rather two curious turns. The film suddenly goes into a history overdrive with Amrita Singh providing a brief overview of the martial origin of the Sikh religion followed by a promotion of “Swachch Bharat”. Nothing wrong with either of the two causes, but there is a place and time for everything; certainly not in a superhero movie when the hero is expected to rip the villain to pieces.

Anyway, Raaka in this case, has an exclusive diet of pollution. And because our country is just so full of it, he gets much stronger than our superhero. So how does the superhero vanquish a filth-gorging villain? By literally kicking him off to the moon… no space shuttle needed. I am not kidding, director Remo assumes that it is just fine to feed anything to the viewers and they’ll lap it all up. And as though there wasn’t enough of Raaka’s torment here on earth, we humans have littered space too with  debris for his nutrition. Seriously?

Ah yes, the mandatory superhero action finally – whatever little there is happens in SLOW MOTION. I am no filmmaker but I understand that enhancing the speed of an action sequence stimulates the adrenaline rush. I wonder if the director intentionally slowed it all to focus more on Raaka’s weird expressions or Tiger Shroff’s somber face.

Tiger Shroff has been perfectly cast. He has the vulnerability along with the physique, dancing and fighting skills perfect for a superhero’s role. He is the film’s saving grace. Jacqueline Fernandez as Tiger’s love interest has nothing much to do –pretty much like her previous flicks. I feel sorry for Kay Kay – a fine actor reduced to a ham from the 80s.

Remo has previously seen success with ABCD series. But those films were right up his alley. However, making a superhero film is not everybody’s cup of tea. You need pulsating action to overlook the incredulity in the basic premise. There shouldn’t be time to think beyond the action on the screen. If you mix masala and tadka to it, you end up serving a big mess to the viewers. This film fits right in the stone age of the superhero genre.

Rating : 1/5

Starring: Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nathan Jones, Kay Kay Menon, Amrita Singh, Gaurav Pandey

Director: Remo DSouza

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